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Patty Horton was born in 1968 in Encino, CA.  In 2018, she will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at University of Alabama at Huntsville.  Ms. Horton has already been included in various exhibitions such as “LDN: Study Abroad Photography Class” at the UAH Salmon Library in Huntsville, Alabama and the “Goldsmith Schiffman Student Art Exhibition” at the Goldsmith Schiffman Building in Huntsville, Alabama.  This year, she will focus on establishing her photography work in the area of natural disaster documentary.  Her next show will be “Volunteering in Huntsville” at the UAH Salmon Library in January 2019.  Ms. Horton currently lives and works in Huntsville, Alabama.


As a disaster and documentary photographer, I know that the average person looks at an image for less than three seconds.  That means I only have three seconds to tell a story.  Three seconds to access the viewer's empathy, anger, sympathy, sense of community - and turn that into a motivation to help somewhere.  My job as a photographer is to tell that three second story in a way that makes people ask of themselves "How can I make a difference?"

I want to create images that are complicated but beautiful and that convey the magnitude of the devastation that has occurred.  I want to document the process of rebuilding, of healing and of moving forward, stronger than before.

Patty Horton

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